Thermal Optimization of oil-cooled e-Drives

Published by Massimo Galbiati - Jun 30, 2020 11:35:00 AM | đź•“ Reading time: 5 minutes

With major OEMs committing to increasing numbers of Electric Vehicles and greater electrification, the total electric car stock is growing and researchers and engineers are focusing on increasing the efficiency of e-machines.

One key technological enabler of electric vehicle is the closer integration of e-machines into transmissions and internal combustion engines (ICEs), and eventually fully integrated powertrains. This means that there will be a shared cooling and lubrication strategy within the transmission and e-machine, tending towards oil cooled e-machines.

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Topics: Particleworks, MPS

Moving Particle Simulation: liquid flow simulations made simple

Published by Massimo Galbiati - Apr 16, 2020 9:57:00 AM | đź•“ Reading time: 7 minutes

In the CAE sector new simulation methods continuously try to leave the embryonic or academic state to become mature and adopted by the industry. The success of this transformation depends on several factors, some related to the method itself, some other related to the “environmental conditions”, like the cultural readiness of the industry to rely and adopt new methods or the availability and affordability of hardware resources, that make these methods applicable at industrial level.

As in any natural process also in the world of simulation, the adaptability of the individual and the presence of favorable conditions play a vital role for the birth and growth on new methods. For sure in the last years more than before, the growing interest, awareness and also the increasing need for simulation have created the conditions for the rapid growth of new simulation techniques, that answer to un-responded engineering questions.

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Topics: Particleworks, MPS

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